As the snow melts...

Posted by Caroline Ashe on Saturday, January 15th, 2011 at 5:54pm.

As the snow melts in Augusta and the winter we are more familiar with in the south starts to return, it makes me reflect on the changes over the last few years.  The Real Estate business, much like life, is ever changing and evolving.  Since I got into residential real estate in 2006, the climate has changed pretty dramatically.  For a long time Augusta Georgia seemed to be almost immune to the market ills that so many other place were suffering. However slowly but surely Augusta started to feel it's own market woes.  Definitely not as dramatic as places like Las Vegas, but enough that firms were restructuring, closing doors, agents leaving, homes wasting away on the market, sellers who would never consider renting jumping at the chance, and home buyers enjoyed unprecedented power.  What has ended up happening in the world of agents is that the strong are surviving and evolving with the new real estate climate.  The creative and obstinate thrive.  They are giving sellers new options and new hope and buyers focus and tools in a saturated market.  Whereas the rest are languishing or leaving the business all together.

What does this mean to you as a buyer or seller?  Maybe nothing and maybe everything.  However, if you are a home seller or home buyer in the Augusta, GA area, there is hope in this economically more challenging time.  Now, I have heard a lot of economic recovery talk lately- but for this conversation it is a moot subject.  Whether things progress forward, regress, or stay stagnant this year - there are brilliant agents out there that will help you achieve the result that you are in search of.  Here are a few things to consider...

Sellers- Make sure that you get an agent who will not give you fluff.  I know that sometimes the truth REALLY hurts but truth is the best thing you can get right now. A great agent is going to know what your Augusta area competition is...if it looks better, is priced better, or vice versa they will know and tell you.  They will be unafraid to give you advice on pricing no matter what it is, and give you ideas to make your house show better.  In some cases they may even tell you to rent and not sell at all.  If you have an agent that can give you that kind of information then they are a keeper.

Buyers - Yes, you have unprecedented power to get an incredible price on your new home, however you will need a good agent to guide you through this process. Sure any agent can help you put in an offer but why get any agent when you can have a GREAT agent.  If you have a great agent,  they will help you sift through the myriad of homes available, be able to forecast whether that particular neighborhood will have future potential, know which homes you are looking at will get you the best bang for your buck, help present an outstanding offer for all involved, and guide you through all the ins and outs of the home buying process.

Basically buyers and sellers, though the winter has been cold and the market has been 'interesting,' things are not all lost in the Augusta area.  There is hope to sell a home and you can get a great deal on your next home, it just takes a great agent.  My suggestion to you whether buying or selling...come up with at least 5 questions that really test your agent about their local real estate knowledge.  If they can answer your questions clearly and concisely and seem to have a personality behind those answers that you like, then you might have just found your new agent!

Happy New Year and Happy House Hunting/Selling from the Elegant Augusta Real Estate Blog!!!!


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