The Top 10 Most Haunted Sites in Augusta Georgia

Posted by Caroline Ashe on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 at 7:00am.

  1. Pendleton King Park - Named after a fallen prominent Augustan fallen in World War One, a ghostly blur flits about the park at night.
  2. Ezekiel Harris House - Many visitors report poltergheist activity there- this is a VERY active site.
  3. St. Paul's - The oldest church in Augusta also has the oldest dead people in Augusta buried in the churchyard.
  4. The Haunted Pillar - Don't touch it or you will be struck DEAD.A photo of the old MCG building
  5. The Old Medical College building is haunted by the Resurrection Man. In the early 1800's students dug up corpses for dissection classes. Many of these bodies were later found hastily buried in the dirt in the basement. Ghastly!
  6. Magnolia Cemetery - Located at May Park at 3rd and Walton Way, this 60 acre plot of land has 5 Jewish cemeteries, one Greek cemetery, and several Christian burial areas. Started in 1818, many Revolutionary War and Civil War figures are interred here. Over 300 Civil War graves can be found, Federal and Confederate, including 7 Confederate Generals. The most famous would be Brigadier General Alexander Porter, who shelled the Federal heights with over 75 guns in preparation for the ill-fated charge of Pickett at Gettysburg.
  7. Augusta State University has a few hauntings. A Civil War soldier can be spotted in the cemetery at the corner of Walton Way and Arsenal Avenue. There are also catacombs beneath Washington Hall...Creepy!
  8. Appleby Library on Walton Way is also haunted, possibly by the spirit of Mrs. Appleby herself. The library was a residence before it became a library...And what's creepier than old dusty books?
  9. The old Bon Aire hotel, which stands on the hill overlooking Walton Way. Just like the Shining, 'cept occupied by more than the living.
  10. The Partridge Inn, across the street from the Bon-Aire also has ghostly tenants. Another very active site, many locals can report otherwordly activity.

The Most Haunted Street in Augusta Award goes to... Walton Way! Five of the sites on this list are found on that street: ASU, the Appleby Library, the Bon Aire, Magnolia Cemetery, and The Partridge Inn. It's a regular ghost highway!

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