Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Praybeyt Benjamin Movie

Vice Ganda is back. After the success of last year's Petrang Kabayo, Vice Ganda is making another shot at silver screen stardom via an action comedy called Praybeyt Benjamin. The title is obviously a play on the classic 1980 Hollywood film that starred Goldie Hawn, Eileen Brennan, Armand Assante, and Robert Webber. That said, Praybeyt Benjamin is devoid of originality. The makers of the film may have changed the plot but that doesn't change the fact that they are copying another movie. The title says it all.

Vice Ganda is a good comedian and he will likely carry Praybeyt Benjamin with his brand of humor. For avid Vice Ganda fans, this is a must-watch. For casual fans, however, maybe you should read a few movie reviews first before you hit the theaters.

Directed by Wenn Deramas, Praybeyt Benjamin features the following actors:Vice Ganda, Derek Ramsay, Jimmy Santos, Nikki Valdez, Kean Cipriano, Vandolph Quizon, Dennis Padilla, Eddie Garcia, and Malou de Guzman.