Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Kontrabida Girl Filipino Movie: Starring Rhian Ramos and Aljur Abrenica

My Kontrabida Girl is a Filipino romantic comedy film released in 2012 by GMA Films. The movie features the romantic tandem of Aljur Abrenica and Rhian Ramos. Directed by Jade Castro, My Kontrabida Girl is about a television actress named Isabel most well-known for her portrayals of villains in shows she has appeared in. 

After escaping death in a near-fatal accident, Isabel finds herself personally transformed that she can no longer act out her villainous roles in television.

Eager to reignite Isabel's passion for her craft, the television network advised her to take a break. With the advice of another well-known villain actress, Isabel goes back to her hometown where she reunites with Chris, a young man who has hurt her in the past. Their romance builds from there.
My Kontrabida Girl movie starring Rhian Ramos, Aljur Abrenica, Jake Vargas and Bea Binene
Other members of the cast include Jhake Vargas, Bea Binene, Ken Chan, Enzo Pineda, Kevin Santos, Sef Cadayona, Gwen Zamora, Bela Padilla, Sabina Santiago, Odette Khan and Chariz Solomon.

My Kontrabida Girl also features special participation by several actors including Jeanie Rose Tolin, Bella Flores, Gladys Reyes, Tia Pusit, Jessa Mae Tejada, Julie Anne San Jose, Celia Rodriguez, Lolit Solis and Jason Abalos.