Wednesday, March 14, 2012

'20 Reasons Why I Dislike the Philippines' Video Goes Viral Online

A video originally posted on the ChannelFix website is going popular online as it gets shared on various social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The video is titled '20 Reasons I Dislike the Philippines'. It shows a foreigner showing and illustrating why he dislikes the Philippines. Among those that pisses him off are beggars, garbage, too many security guards, uncomfortable comfort rooms, etc..

Here's the video: (Update: The video has been removed by the uploader.)

Those behind the video also made a video titled '20 reasons I Love the Philippines'.

ChannelFix calls itself "a place where your production gets seen regardless of who you are! Because ultimately a good idea, is a good idea -- and I'd rather watch good ideas than be forced to watch the crap they keep showing on network TV."