Saturday, April 13, 2013

Flightless Bird Crossword Clue and Possible Answers

If you are a crossword enthusiast, meaning it is your hobby to answer crossword puzzles in newspapers, magazines or even online, I'm sure that you have come across crossword clues asking for the name of a flightless bird. If you are not familiar with flightless birds, you have little chances of providing the right solution. Fortunately, there are really very few flightless birds today whether we're talking about birds from Australia, New Zealand or from South America. They are easy to remember. Most of these creatures originate from Australia and New Zealand. Some are extinct and some are still alive.

The crossword clue can be as follows:
  • extinct flightless bird
  • large flightless bird
  • flightless Australian bird
  • small flightless bird
  • little flightless bird
Here are the possible solutions to the crossword clues:
  • emu
  • rhea
  • dodo
  • kiwi
  • moa
  • ratite
  • cassowary
  • Inaccessible Island rail
  • penguin
  • ostrich
These are the possible answers/solutions to crossword clues concerning small or large flightless birds. Also, keep in mind that ostriches can be found in the African continent.