Monday, July 08, 2013

Best Restaurants in Baguio City

The City of Baguio is well-known for a lot of things. There's the cold climate. There's the beautiful and unique culture and traditions of the indigenous populations called Igorots. There's Burnham Park with the popular man-made lake at its very center. There's the Baguio Cathedral whose spires arise over the city. There's the historic Session Road. There's the towering SM City shopping center atop Luneta Hill. And of course, there are the dozens of other parks like Botanical Garden, Mines View Park, Wright Park, etc. Most visitors of the city come to see these attractions. Only a minority of these visitors come for the city's dining and food scene. However, these food tourists will surely grow in number as more people get to know of the amazing restaurants located in Baguio City.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Baguio City:
1. Jack's Restaurant – If you want good quantities of good food in your plate, this is the perfect restaurant for you. You will go home with your stomach full, that's for sure. The food is also very affordable. It's much cheaper than most of the restaurants in the city. Jack's Restaurant's most popular offering is Jack's Rice, a complete meal composed of rice, fried chicken, lechon baboy, a fried egg and vegetables. The restaurant have several branches within the city. There's one along Session Road. There's one along Mabini Street. And there's one inside the Baguio Center Mall. If you are visiting the nearby town of La Trinidad, Jack's Restaurant also have a branch there located along Kilometer 4. If we're not mistaken, it's the original one, the very first Jack's Restaurant. 

2. Oh My Gulay – If you love art and good food, you are going to love Oh My Gulay. The restaurant is owned by artist and filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik. The restaurant is located inside the Victor Oteyza Community Art Space or VOCAS. They cook really good food. However, the food is a bit pricey. But good food is good food. If you want to try out Oh My Gulay, it's located on the top floor of the Laperal Building along Session Road. 

3. Mang Inasal – Mang Inasal offers the best chicken dishes in town. Period. And don't forget, they also offer unlimited rice. There's a Mang Inasal branch along Session Road. 

4. Kalapaw – Kalapaw probably offers the most affordable eat-all-you-can breakfast in the city. You can have your fill at the low price of 99 pesos. Visit the restaurant at Martinez Street in Engineer's Hill. 

5. Mario's – If you are looking for world-class fine dining, Mario's will surely whet your appetite. But be warned. They have amazing food over there but you need to do some financial planning if you want to go there, if you know what we mean. :) 

6. Cafe By The Ruins – Peaceful. Art surrounding you. Nice ambiance. These are just some of the things this nice, little restaurant is known for. One more thing, they offer a really delicious pinikpikan. Probably the best in all of Baguio. In case you don't know, a pinikpikan is a local chicken recipe prepared through traditional means. 

These are some of the best restaurants in Baguio City. If you want good food, these are the ones you should be visiting.

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