Friday, June 05, 2015

Why You Should Pay Attention To Google Algorithm Updates

If you are a website owner or an internet marketer for that matter, then you are familiar with the algorithm updates that the search engine giant Google had been rolling out during the last couple of years. Also, you've likely heard of the horror stories brought about by these Google algorithm updates. Websites dropping out of the search results, websites being penalized, websites getting totally delisted, etc. You may have experienced the effects yourself. In any case, these updates are things you need to be concerned about if you are a webmaster or someone who makes his or her living from the internet. Ignoring these updates can have grave consequences on the survival of your website.

Here are some of the reasons why you should pay closer attention to both previous and upcoming Google algorithm updates. 1. A single algorithm update can cripple your online business. This is especially true if you rely on search traffic for your customers. If most of your clients find your website through search engines like Google, it follows that if your site gets demoted in the rankings, your business will spiral downward as you will lose majority of your customers. You can never anticipate what kind of effects an update will cause on your website. You may think that you are following all the rules and guidelines but there's still a chance you can get penalized. There's only one way to protect your business from being crippled by a Google update. And that is to keep yourself informed about the updates and use the information you have to improve your site.

2. Being informed about future updates will give you time to prepare for them. Being prepared is one of the keys to combating the negative effects of the Google algorithm updates. Learn from the mistakes of thousands of other webmasters who never knew what hit them. If you take the time to study and analyze the updates, you can learn a lot of things. Things that you can use to protect yourself from future updates. Google is often vague in explaining the updates they roll out so it's all up to you to try and figure them out.

3. Learning everything that you can about the updates will help you understand why your site got slapped or penalized. If your website got demoted in the search rankings, there's a reason why this happened. And it's your responsibility to find out what this reason is and correct it. Maintaining your position in the search rankings is about understanding the things that put you there. If you see decreasing rankings, either you are doing something wrong or you aren't doing something. Looking into algorithm updates will help you understand what you need to do.

4. Use the updates to gain an advantage over your online competitors. There are a lot of benefits to being informed. And one of these is that you can use the things you know to get ahead of your online competitors. When an algorithm rolls out, you and your competitors will be subjected to the same scan. Some of you will improve their rankings and some will go down in the rankings. That's just the way it is. But if you know the reasons or circumstances why a site improved or got demoted, you have a very powerful tool in your hand that you can use to stay ahead of the competition.

5. Google rules search traffic so you have no other choice but watch its moves so you will know how to respond. If Google is your bread and butter, you might as well watch every update it rolls because this can either cut or increase your source of income.

If you want to be under the good graces of Google, then you must be constantly monitoring the Google algorithm updates that it regularly rolls out.

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