Friday, October 23, 2015

4 Great Ideas On How To Spend Christmas Day In Irvine, Scotland

The town of Irvine in North Ayrshire, Scotland has a rich history that dates back to the medieval period. Although the place is now a burgeoning industrial town, its colorful past can still be seen and experienced through the parks, preserved institutions, and museums that dot the area. That said, if you are planning to spend Christmas Day in Irvine, there's no shortage of things that you can do and places that you can visit. In this simple guide about Christmas ideas in Irvine, Scotland, we're going to tell you about four great activities that you and your family will surely enjoy.

1) Have a picnic at the Irvine Harbour. This is one of the most popular places in the town. You can set up a picnic table right along the banks of the river and watch as the sparkling blue water and boats pass you by. The scenery is also perfect with the town shimmering in the background. Also located along the Harbour are several interesting establishments like the Scottish Maritime Museum, the Linthouse Building, and the Clyde Puffer MV Spartan which is usually docked at the slipway. These institutions often host activities like art exhibits and history-themed tours which are perfect for groups and families.

2) Visit the historic Dundonald Castle. If you are a history buff, you and your family should visit this stone castle. Built in the 14th century, the castle served as a home for Scottish kings for more than 100 years. Inside the castle are exhibits of photos, art works, and antiques that tell the castle's colorful history. The castle is also surrounded by wooded areas, a loch, and a water reservoir. After a tour of the castle, you can go for a walk in its lush and wooded surroundings.

3) Visit the Irvine Burns Club. This is a historic site that is home to artifacts, ancient manuscripts, and other things that relate to Robert Burns who is one of Scotland's most well-known poet and lyricist. A popular attraction at the club is an original sketch of Burns drawn by Alexander Nasmyth in 1787. The club is also home to a library that contains around 2,000 books about the literary works of Burns.

4) Go boating at River Irvine. There are several shops in the town that rent out pontoons and other similar boats. You can bring food packs with you so that you can have a picnic in the middle of the river while enjoying the boat rides.

Spending Christmas Day in Irvine, Scotland will be a lot of fun by doing any of the activities discussed above.

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