Bambino Kittens — Cute Sphinxes that Will Appeal to Everyone

The Sphynx is an extraordinarily graceful cat, and verified proportions distinguish its body. The muscular corset is well-developed, and therefore the pet is heavy, despite its small size. The breed belongs to the decorative one, and an outstanding, beautiful gait distinguishes its representatives.

The bambino kittens for sale are determined from ordinary ones by a particular skin structure. It is very dense, covered with numerous wrinkles. It is necessary to purchase a kitten only in a cattery that is officially registered. When choosing a kitten, decide for what purpose you need it. It will be just a pet or a future participant in various exhibitions — the price will depend on this.

General description

What makes Bambino so unique is that, besides being short, it is hairless, and these little cats waddle around. But it does not hinder them from running easily and quickly.

The skin on the Bambino will be wrinkled and loose, and it can either have a fuzzy, barely noticeable patch of fur that can be described as peach skin, or it can be genuinely hairless. Nonetheless, since the skin is exposed, care must be taken to prevent your pet from getting scalded by too much sun. You can also give the kitten a sweater to wear if it gets cold.

Pros of the breed

Like any other breed, the Bambino has its merits:

  • The desire for communication. Many owners are attracted by the friendly and open nature of the pet. A person imprisons him, quickly makes contact, he is glad to be invited to play.
  • Playfulness. The Bambino is hyperactive, always ready to run and play. Activity is a positive trait: being constantly on the move, the cat does not gain excess weight. If there are toddlers in the house, the cat will be their faithful companion.
  • Omnivorous. The Bambino will gladly eat whatever the owner offers. Difficulties with the selection of the diet usually do not arise. But the number of servings must be strictly limited. Due to the tendency to gain weight, overeating will quickly lead to obesity.

The nature of the Bambino breed

Bambino cats are known for their playful, amiable, and exuberant temperament. They will happily play all over the house, run and jump like any other regular-sized kitten. And they are so entertaining to watch that they were even compared to little monkeys. Providing these cats with plenty of toys and interactive play activities will positively release their energy.

Bambino are magical kittens that, thanks to their sensitive personality, will perfectly communicate with other pets. If you want to enjoy the company of these cute kittens, you should contact the cattery. Here the professionals will help you with the selection and help you get your new ideal pet.