Odometer and Its Blocking: What You Need to Know About the Features

Today, many vehicle enthusiasts resort to the speedometer calibration service. Someone needs to twist the odometer for personal purposes, someone needs to conceal some problems, and someone needs to sell the car at a better price. But every reason for correcting the mileage confronts the car owner with a difficulty — how to change the date on the device so that no one would guess about it. There are many options for solving this problem, but not everyone guarantees the further operability of the machine systems.

Today, a particular device is most often used to stop recording a new run on the odometer. This device — Mileagestopper — is installed behind the dashboard, and even with diagnostics, it won't be easy to find.

Odometer stop: why do so many resort to it?

The main factor in reducing the price of a good car when selling it is high mileage. Therefore, odometer correction remains a top-rated service. According to the data, this service was used by 80% of car sellers. Most of them did not set themselves the task of presenting their iron horse in the best possible light. But there are other situations where it is necessary to wind the odometer.

Let's consider the most popular reasons:

  • It is sometimes necessary to twist the speedometer if the owner installs non-standard wheels on the car. In this case, the wheel speed changes, and as a result, the speedometer readings become false.
  • The twisting of the indicators is also carried out in the case of replacing the engine because it is necessary to record the lessons of the car's operation with the new engine and control the mileage.
  • In a malfunction in the electronic instrument cluster, the panel is usually replaced. It is expensive, so a used board is often bought and installed on the car, but before that, you need to twist the speedometer on the panel mount. It is done so that the device shows the readings of your vehicle and not the previous one.

Characteristics of the mileage blocking process

To roll the speedometer on your iron horse, you need to know the principle of operation of the electronic control unit because it is responsible for the performance of all systems. Therefore, mileage correction is not only about working with the odometer since the date and the memory of this device are stored in the central processor. It is precisely the problem of twisting the odometer on the car. It should be noted that each car model has its algorithms for working with the available data, which complicates the process of zeroing the required values and clearing all the corresponding memory cells. For the correct twisting of the speedometer on the cars, it is necessary to connect to the device itself and indicate to the central unit that the values have been changed. Mileage blocker can cope with this task perfectly.