Wednesday, March 06, 2013

How To Get To Tabuk City, Kalinga In The Philippines

Reaching Tabuk, the capital city of the province of Kalinga in the Philippines will depend on where you are coming from. For this article, we are going to focus on two points of origin. That is Manila and Baguio City. For an easy travel to Tabuk (especially if you are a tourist coming from abroad), you need to be in either of these two cities of origin. Travel time from Manila to Tabuk City or Baguio City to Tabuk City varies depending on the types of transportation you are going to take. You can reach Tabuk by private transport, bus and even commercial plane. The plane doesn’t directly land in Tabuk though.

Origin: Baguio City
There’s a bus company at the Dangwa Station (located behind the Baguio Center Mall) that has trips going to Tabuk City. The name of the bus company is Lizardo Trans or GL Trans. This is the same company that offers trips to the town of Sagada in Mt. Province. They have a booth at the bus station so just go there and inquire from the ticket booth operator. There are other bus/van companies offering trips to Tabuk from Baguio. For more information about these alternatives, you should inquire around and visit the Slaughterhouse bus compound along Magsaysay Avenue.

Origin: Manila
1. Victory Liner, a bus company offers trips to the Cagayan Valley. These trips will pass through Tabuk in Kalinga. Victory has several stations within the Metro Manila but not all of these offer trips to Tabuk. That said, you should only go to their stations located in either Kamias or Pasay. For more information about bus routes of the Victory Liner, click here .
2. You can also get to Tabuk by plane. Philippine Airlines offers flights from Manila to Tuguegarao. From Tuguegarao, you can take a jeepney and head to Tabuk.
3. Or you can always make the trip to Baguio City then find a bus company there that will take you directly to Tabuk.