Thursday, May 23, 2013

Masarap Na Pulutan

Just like everybody else from around the world, Filipinos love a drink or two after a hard day's work or when there is an occasion which involves dome celebration. And of course, a "tagayan" session will never be complete without "pulutan". Drinking is much more fun and enjoyable if there's "pulutan" to pass around.

Following are some of the most popular "pulutan" in the Philippines. IF you are looking for a "masarap na pulutan", you should try these out: chicharong bulaklak, balut, mani or peanuts, hilaw na mangga or green mangoes, fried chicken wings, corned beef, potato fries, pork sisig, lechon manok and lechon baboy. You might also want to try chicharong bituka, chicharong manok, barbecue isaw, barbecue tenga, betamax, adidas, kropeck, and fried tokwa't baboy. #masarap na pulutan