Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jackie Chan Goes Serious in Trailer for Police Story 2013

Among the most enduring works of action star Jackie Chan are his Police Story film series. There are currently five films released in the series starting with 1985's Police Story which was a huge hit prompting the team behind the film to make sequel after sequel.

Now, a sixth film in the series is expected to be released this coming December. No news yet on international release dates but the film will hit theaters in China and Hong Kong in December 24. The movie's simply titled Police Story 2013 (sometimes referred to as Hong Kong Police Story 2013).

Watch the action-packed trailer for Police Story 2013 below:

Jackie Chan in Police Story 2013
The film was initially shown to viewers at a public screening in April 2013 at the 2013 Beijing International Film Festival. In the movie, Chan plays a mainland China cop named Zhong Wen. Chan is joined in the cast by Liu Ye, Huang Bo, Jing Tian, Zhang Lanxin, Wang Zhifei, Guli Nazha and Zhang Xiaoning.

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