Monday, December 01, 2014

Cat In Japan Begs For Food In The Cutest Way Possible (Video)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Taro. He is a cat and he currently lives in mystical Japan with his human. Aside from being an extremely good-looking cat, Taro also has the cutest strategy of getting fish treats from his (or her) master. Standing on his hind legs, Taro would put his front paws together in a praying pose then move them up and down. How could anyone who sees such a beautiful thing refuse to give him what he wants.

Taro also lives among several cats. They have names too. They're Lulu, Musashi, Kojiro, Maru, Michelle, May, and U. They are a truly beautiful bunch and you can watch videos of them on their YouTube channel here.

9Cats via YouTube

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