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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It Looks Impossible But A Cat Just Slid Into A Small Fish Bowl With Ease

There are a million reasons why cats are lovable. They have soft fur. They have the most beautiful eyes. They are great pets. They are a cure for depression. They can make you famous in the internet. And a ton of other things.

Now here's another good reason why you might want to consider getting a cat as a pet. Apparently, cats can be magicians. They can slid into spaces that are half their size. Take the following cat who slid with unbelievable ease into an empty and small fish bowl. You'll be scratching your head, how the hell did it just do that? Watch for yourself. In case you are wondering, the cat in the video is a Scottish Fold.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Cat In Japan Begs For Food In The Cutest Way Possible (Video)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Taro. He is a cat and he currently lives in mystical Japan with his human. Aside from being an extremely good-looking cat, Taro also has the cutest strategy of getting fish treats from his (or her) master. Standing on his hind legs, Taro would put his front paws together in a praying pose then move them up and down. How could anyone who sees such a beautiful thing refuse to give him what he wants.

Taro also lives among several cats. They have names too. They're Lulu, Musashi, Kojiro, Maru, Michelle, May, and U. They are a truly beautiful bunch and you can watch videos of them on their YouTube channel here.

9Cats via YouTube