Thursday, April 30, 2015

Young Man In India Flips A Monkey. The Monkey Dropkicks Him With A Flying Double Kick

If you are a human, you should never underestimate what a monkey is capable of. Just because it's not a gorilla or it's much smaller than you doesn't mean it can't kick your butt. Yes, they can. Just ask the young man from the city of Shimla in northern India who got dropkicked by a small monkey.

The man and a friend of his were casually walking down a street lined with shops in the capital city when they came across a smallish monkey guarding one of the street stalls. It's unclear as to why but the man decided to give the monkey the finger. A few seconds later, he was on the ground after being dropkicked by the monkey via a flying double kick. We heard the monkey's name is Karma. Either that or it has watched too many Chuck Norris movies.

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