Sunday, January 14, 2018

What Is A Belt Sander Used For?

A belt sander is a tool commonly used in either shaping or finishing wood and other kinds of materials. It usually runs on electricity and it features a pair of small metal cylinders where sandpaper can be easily mounted.

Basically, the cylinders continuously rotate when the tool is turned on. What the user does is hold the material being shaped or finished over the rotating sandpaper attached to the cylinders.

What Are The Functions of the Belt Sander?
Belt sanders perform a lot of functions. One, it's usually used for woodworking purposes like sanding or finishing a piece of wood.

The sander has a very rough surface so it's very effective in smoothing out wooden materials. This is why sanders are essential tools in establishments like woodworking shops or furniture stores.

Another major function of a belt sander is that it's also used to remove non-ferrous materials like aluminum. This type of sanders are very common in industrial settings.

Belt sanders are also perfect for scribing which is the process of smoothing the surfaces of a curved wooden line. This is possible because the sander is much more flexible compared to similar sanding tools.

Last but not the least, belt sanders are great for leveling and flattening rough surfaces of wood. Sanders are usually handheld so that a user can easily control and maneuver the tool over most types of wooden surfaces.

Tips In Buying A Sander
1. It's always best to get a sander with a reputation of being rough and tough. The tool is subjected to a lot or pressure so it can easily break down if it's not made from tough materials.
2. Choose quality when getting belts. Some belts may be cheap but they don't last that long so it's recommended that you get more expensive but longer-lasting belts.
3. Go for multi-purpose belts. These are belts that can be used on a lot of different surfaces. You can use them on wood and other materials like metal.
4. See a demonstration. Majority of suppliers allow you to test out the tool so you should take advantage of the opportunity.

In conclusion, a belt sander can be used for a variety of applications like smoothing, leveling, and finishing wooden or metal surfaces. A sander is either handheld or stationary.

Stationary sanders are the ones that are commonly attached to workbenches which means you hold the material being sanded over it. Handheld sanders are portable and they are easier to use because you control and maneuver it over the surface being sanded.

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