Saturday, February 10, 2018

Love Spell Petition for a Leave My Man Alone Spell

In casting a love spell, you are going to need a realistic scenario which you want to happen after you completed casting the spell. These scenarios depend on what you want to accomplish. If you want to get back with an ex-lover who is currently seeing another woman, here's a realistic story that you can use for your love spell.

Your ex-lover realizes that he is so much happier with you than with the new girl he is dating. This feeling is quite common among men especially those who have been with the girl for a long period of time. Anyway, the guy realizes that he needs you more than the other girl. This means that he will reach out to you sooner or later. First, he will contact you to say hello and maybe ask you out for a simple get together like having coffee or having a walk at the park. He will not directly tell you that he wants to get back with you. But you will eventually see the subtle signs.

Your ex-lover will also start talking with the girl he is currently seeing. He will tell her that the relationship they have is not working well and that it's a good idea for them to separate and not see each other anymore. The girl will obviously protest and try to salvage the relationship but to no avail.

Your ex-lover has made his mind that the girl is not for him and that he needs to do something about it. He finally breaks up with the girl and tell her that everything is over. The girl is dejected but she eventually accepts her fate and agrees to the breakup. They go their separate ways.

With your ex-lover free, he now pursues you to try and make amends with the goal of getting back together.

This is a realistic scenario that you can use for your spells if you want to get back with an ex-lover who is already seeing another girl.

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