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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Robin Padilla Is A Senator On The Run In Trailer For Joyce Bernal's '10,000 Hours'

Philippine Film Studios and Viva Entertainment has finally released the official trailer for their action movie called 10,000 Hours which stars Robin Padilla in the lead. It's their entry for this year's edition of the Metro Manila Film Festival which starts on December 25, 2013.

Loosely based on events concerning Panfilo Lacson, 10,000 Hours is about a senator on the run portrayed by Robin Padilla. Also starring in the film are Alden Richards, Bela Padilla, Joem Bascon, Pen Medina, Mylene Dizon, Michael De Mesa, Joross Gamboa and Bobby Andrews.

Here's the trailer:

And here's the poster:
What do you think of the poster above? Leave your comments below.

Monday, December 09, 2013

If You Think Tagalog Action Movies Are Dead. Then You Haven't Seen This Trailer For 'Saka-Saka' Starring Ejay Falcon

A lot of people these days continue to declare that Tagalog action movies are dead for good. Well, there's some truth to such a common pronouncement. For sure, the golden age of Tagalog action films are over. Gone are the days of Lito Lapid, Robin Padilla, Bong Revilla, Ronnie Rickets and company. But to declare that this genre is dead is over the top. Pinoy fans get to see a couple of local action films released every now and then.

Case in point is the upcoming actioner Saka Saka, a film starring Ejay Falcon, Joseph Marco, and Baron Geisler. Directed by Toto Natividad, the film will be shown in selected theaters starting on December 18. Watch the trailer below.