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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The Girl in the Woods

Angela has always been shy and timid. She is the type of girl who would sit at the back of her class just to avoid attention. She's always afraid to meet and interact with other people because the always has the nagging feeling that she's not good enough for them.

Everything changed during a family vacation out in the wilderness. It's her first time to step in the woods and experience a world fairly untouched by modernity. She smelled the scent of the pines. She watched the deer bounce over the grass. She walked over a stream and saw her reflection in the clear waters. It was then that she realized that she's been living her life wrong.

The experiences in the woods opened her eyes. She's beautiful. The world is beautiful. There's no point in pulling yourself back by being afraid of interacting with people. When they went back home after the vacation, Angela made a promise to herself that she's going to live life more. No more sitting at the back of the class because of fear.