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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Rise of Nancy Binay Jokes

Senatorial candidate Nancy Binay continues to make the headlines in Philippine media outlets, both offline and online due to various reasons. One, she is among the Senatorial candidates who are leading in the official tallies by the Comelec. And two, a lot of people are not pleased that she is among the top vote-getters. Thus the huge negative chatter about her online. Netizens, especially those on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are bashing her 24/7. And of course, there's the rise of Nancy Binay jokes. Jokes that poke fun on her lack of experience, her surname and even her skin color.

Some are saying Nancy Binay is the next Erap. If you can remember, when Erap became Philippine President, he was the subject of ridicule by hundreds of “Erap jokes”. We are seeing the same trend with Nancy Binay. And it's going to get worse once she gets proclaimed and takes her oath as a Philippine Senator. She might even get a bashing that's worse compared to the ridicule that Erap got. In Erap's time, the jokes only spread through text messages and traditional conversations. Today, there's Facebook and Twitter and dozens of other social media sites. Things can easily go viral on these sites.

Nancy Binay has a way out of this though. And there's only one way. And that is to prove to the people that she can be a useful Senator. She needs to get the respect of the people. She must prove to her critics that they are wrong. And she has full 6 years to do so. Well, good luck to her.