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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Panda Cat: Is He The Next Famous Internet Cat?

If you have been around sites like Imgur, Reddit, 4Chan, 9gag, or even Facebook, then you probably know Tard The Grumpy Cat, Spangles The Cross-Eyed Cat, Maru The Box King, Colonel Meow The Angriest Cat, Snoopy The Cutest Cat, and Anakin The Two-Legged Cat. Or you can include to the list unreal cats like Simon's Cat and Maria Van Bruggen's Cat. 

These are the cats who have become famous on the internet. They've been the subjects of countless internet memes. There are blogs dedicated to them. Full-length articles were written about them and published in major websites likes The New York Times. Some of them even appeared on national television. Grumpy Cat for instance ha appeared on The Today Show.
We are now into 2013 and it looks like we have our first famous cat for the year. And he (or she) is called the Panda Cat because of his (or her) eyes that look like those of a panda. Although most of its fur are colored white, Panda Cat's eyes are surrounded by two perfect circles of black fur.