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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shin Chan Tagalog Version

I can't seem to find a copy of the Shin Chan Tagalog version. Several websites on the internet have copies of the show but they are either in English, Chinese, Japanese or Spanish. It has become very frustrating trying to wade through all the copies only to find not a single Tagalog version.

I found a listing on Sulit.Com but the ad has been removed. It states that the ad is inactive. Damn. I've been looking for a copy for like years since they stopped airing the anime show on Philippine TV. If only I had known that it is going to be this hard to look for a Shin Chan Tagalog version copy, I would've recorded the shows myself.

There is this Pinoy forum where I often hang out. Somebody started a thread dedicated to Shin Chan. I stalked the thread for a while hoping that somebody will post a link or anything where I can get a copy of the show. Nobody seems to know anything until this user stated that he has several DVD copies of Shin Chan Tagalog version. I was pumped. He said he's selling the copies for like 800 Philippine pesos a pop. That may seem too expensive but if you are a Shin Chan fan, nothing is too expensive. LOL.

Anyway, the deal was first-come first-served, so I PMed the guy immediately. Well guess what, he won't take me as a buyer since he lives in Marikina and I'm in Bicol. He only sells to people whom he can meet-up with somewhere in the Metro. Oh well. LOL. I guess it's goodbye Shin Chan Tagalog version for now. Back to watching the Sulit listings for possible Shin Chan sellers. :)